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Q. I’ve had an issue with a Stardollars or membership purchase, what should I do?

Please contact Xsolla. They take care of all payments made on Stardoll and they’re available 24/7 to help with all payment issues.

Q. I can’t access my account, what should I do?

If you forgot your password and have verified the email address on your account, click on “forgot password?” on the login page. The first email you receive will confirm the email address, click on the link and repeat the first step. Check your email spam box, in case you can’t find the emails.

You can also send us the information below:

1. the username
2. the birth date registered on the account
3. the email address used to create this account (this is essential for the recovery of the account)
4. several purchase reference numbers (you can find this information on the email you receive once your purchase has been made successfully)

Q. I can’t access my StarBazaar. It says I’m on level 17, what can I do?

When you change your email or password, your account will be put in quarantine, which means that the Recycling and Gift Shop features will be blocked and you will only be able to sell designed items in your Bazaar. You'll just need to wait 48 hours until the quarantine period is over.

Q. My account was closed for breaking the rules, can I have it back?

Unfortunately, no. Once the account has been closed for breaking the rules, it can’t be reopened. We ask you not to insist on reopening it, as it can take a lot of time for us to answer. An email is sent informing you that the account has been closed. We reserve the right to not inform the reason for closing the account, in all cases.

Q. Can I change my username?

At the moment, the username changing offer is not available. Once we release the offer again, you will be informed through a Dollmail.

Q. I answered a Cint survey and didn’t get the Stardollars.

Please send us the email address you used to answer the survey and the amount of Stardollars you’re supposed to receive and we’ll include the Stardollars on your account.

Q. I know someone who is breaking Stardoll’s One Stop rules. How can I report them?

If you see other members breaking the rules on Stardoll, please use our reporting tool in the specific place the incident occurred. This is the best way to alert our staff and make sure that these violations are dealt with accordingly. We can’t handle reports through this form or emails.

Q. I bought an item on Starbazaar but it has disappeared.

The item you purchased could have been a copycat and it was deleted by the system. Please send us the purchase reference number available on the Transaction History > My Account and we will verify it and refund the Stardollars to your account, if it’s the case.

Q. I can’t find an item in my Wardrobe/Storage. What should I do?

There is a “Load more” button on the bottom right corner of the page. By using this button, you will load more pages of your Wardrobe/Storage and be able to search and filter from a wider range of items. You need to type the name of the item correctly.

If you have an item locked in a Superstar room and you don’t have the Superstar/Royalty status anymore, to be able to get those items, you need to purchase a Superstar membership. If you can’t find your item, you may have recycled it, please check your Transaction History>My account.

Q. I purchased an item and didn’t receive the back piece that comes with it.

Please send us the item’s full name and brand, in this format:
Item’s name: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Brand: xxxxxxxxxxxx
PS. Not every item has a back piece.

Q. I created a hair design and a hair piece got stuck on it. How can I fix this?

To move those small hair pieces, you’ll need to hover the mouse and find the “little hand” icon. If you can’t find it, it means that it won’t be possible to delete those hair pieces and you will have to restart the creation.


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