How do I style a client in the Stylist Studio?

First you need to own the Stylist Studio. You can purchase it under My Page > Stylist Studio.
You can decorate your studio any way you like, using items that you have already purchased. Removing an item from the Stylist Studio will not remove it from your purchased items.

Write your presentation and spread the word to potential clients about your new Stylist Career! Clients are other Stardoll members who want your style know-how.

When you have clients waiting to be styled, they will show up in the Clients tab in the stylist menu.

As a stylist you can have 10 clients in your queue.

To accept a client, click on the user’s profile picture in your Client list and then accept by choosing “Style now”. Once in Styling mode, you have full access to all current products in Starplaza for free. Search Starplaza by opening the tab on the right when styling someone. When you are satisfied with your Styling, press Save. Saving the styling will send a message to the client notifying the member that a styling is finished. Your styling will appear in your Portfolio (max 500 stylings).

If you style a client, they will have one week to accept or reject the styling. If they reject the styling, it will disappear from your portfolio. If a user rejects your styling at the same day when it was created it will disappear from your portfolio at once.

Superstars will receive a 10% Stardollar commission on Stardollar items purchased by a styled client. No commission is given on items that are sold for Starcoins. Fractions in the commission will be given in Starcoins.

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