Carnival 2022 Diary Contest

Carnival 2022 Diary Contest

Hello Dolls!

Carnival is here! It's time to celebrate together once again!

As you may know, Carnival is celebrated in 57 countries around the world and dressing up, playing music and partying are some of the common things these places have in common.

The biggest party on Earth brings tradition and fun to everyone who decides to participate! In Salvador, a northeast city in Brazil, a popular sound truck, known as "trio elétrico" electric trio are pushed down the streets with millions of followers enjoying the artists who perform on top of the truck.

New Orleans Mardi Gras features numerous parades, as well, and the float riders throw beads to the crowd who use them around their necks. In Binche, a town in Belgium, the Carnival preparations start weeks before the celebration dates.

The Binche Carnival is listed with UNESCO as an event of great historic importance, as it's been happening for over 500 years.

In Germany, the Berlin Carnival of Cultures, celebrates diversity. It started as a protest against xenophobia in 1996.

They have over 100 live music concerts and features people from all over the world.

We would like to know what is YOUR favorite type of Carnival.

Where would you like to be during the festivities?

What would you wear? Who would you bring with you?

Participate until march 10th for a chance to get Stardollars!